Союз Федераций России:

Rossia Sports Union

In Podmoskovje, the first Russian championship of 2017 came to an end. The two-day dance marathon defeated the Moscow dance duet from the Eugenia Sveridonov and Angelina Barkova!

The most sophisticated dance sports programme, 10 dancers, gathered 88 dance couples and a large number of their fans, which certainly helped athletes to fight for seasonal title.

Dimitri Pleshkov and Anastasia Kulba from Permi, bronze medals from Moscow Alexei Polovnikov and Maria Potemkina!

The cheerleaders ' energy has also spread over the entire Russian Federation ' s bicycles to young people, where the intrigue was even more acute.

In a very difficult fight against the country ' s 149 best dance couples, the gold medals conquered Semen Hrzhanovsky and Elizabeth Lhojina (Moscow, TSC Empire, Coach Alexei Silde and Anna Firstov)

Silver Oleg Zhen and Alina Ageeva Coach Natalia Prilipco

Bronze medals won Daniela Mazour and Anastasia Polonsky (Habarrovsk, Fantasia TSC, Tatiana Sniguur and Anna Grigorov)

The Dance Sports Union congratulates the championships of Russia and the prizes of the championships, their parents, Coach Elena Durdin, Sergei Maximov, Natalia Ivanov, Svetlan Kulbeda, Natalia Tkaev, Sergei Besov and all the finalists of the tournament, and wishes them great success in the forthcoming World and European championships!

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