Ансамбль эстрадно-спортивного

Sports Dance For The Middle Group

Масленица в Богородском с участием Ансамбля эстрадно-спортивного танца" Dance and sing, beloved area of Bogorodsky " , with such a motto, bright and incendiary, on 25 February 2017, Maslenica was noted and the winter participants of Ansamble of the Espress and Studio of the Ball and Dry dance of Padegras.

On that day, a traditional " Shirokaya Maslenica " concert programme was held in the Sinichkinsk Square in Moscow, bringing together all age groups of our artists.

The dance was launched by the " Russki Lirical Dance " , performed by the State of the Ball and Duet Dance of Padegras, together with the participants of the Boets Military Patriotic Club (rugus A.G.), which received the hottest viewing ovations!

The youngest dancers of AnsambleSports dance Express has debuted in the Chaetic Square dance, and the doit, Zamaldinova Elena and Girich Nina, first presented to the public in the Bogorogorod region its authoritative Channel of the Four Palace, which was celebrated in 2016 by the name of Laureate of the Bogorod Festival!

Anastasia Barkova made a wonderful vocal gift to all Anne Herman's artists, and our Anastasia Sic Fitness Trainer didn't let the viewers freeze and perform a series of dance charges with them!

The GBU ' s thank-you letters to the Bogorod Centre for assistance in the organization of the holiday and the great personal contribution were awarded to Kirin Oleg and Moroz Alexander!

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