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Sea Olympics

20 Feb

Sea Olympics

On 20 February, in the KUMA Sports Room, the cadet board, together with the Museum Council, held a young men ' s relay, which was known as the Sea Olympics. It was attended by 5 teams of 9 people. The guys gathered from different groups and met in the hall.
For greater interest, a theatrical programme was developed with the participation of the Neptun, the Olympus goddess and marine inhabitants.
And the beginning of the party. All teams are built and made up their names. It opens the holiday of King Neptune, who misses his kingdom. What's a olimpiad? And the truth is, what is the Olympics...

In Neptune's magic, there are two ancient Greek goddesses in the Hall who have spoken of the traditions of the Olympics and the major competitions.

“ Do you have sports, active and funny guys? Neptune responds. And there are nine school boys who proved it, showing it to be fun. Sports dance

Three, four, and teams are actively starting to perform the task of estaphates. It's hard for judges to determine who was first.

But behind all phases and while the jury takes stock, all participants are happy to dance with the goddess.

In the marine olimpiad, the guys showed their strength, skill and ability to work on the team. The transfer of the Olympic fire, the marked catastrophe in the rubber caps, the dances, the hockeys all made our young sailors work and channel their unfinished energy into the right track.

The guys were awarded the papers. And the Deputy Director of CUM ' s Education and Education, Fedotov Nadezh Georgievna, thanked the cadet board and the Museum Council for an interesting and active holiday.

On this day, the youngsters were having a good time, showing their skills to compete and just charged with a good mood. We wish them new victory and achievements!

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