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Dancing Gymnastics

Esthetic gymnastics - command spirit and expression

Esthetic gymnastics is a synthetic form of sport (human gymnastics, dances, acrobatics), which is characterized by the ability to transmit the general nature of music in motion and to give motions the integrity, strength, freedom, power and various emotional colours. It's a young, but active sport in our country.

Esthetic gymnastics is not just a beautiful, graceful, but even a romantic sport. The founder of the estetic gymnastics fell in love with the great Russian poet Sergei Esenin. The invention of this species is attributed to Icedore Duncan, and it's the first time she's danced as a sausage, not as a puantas in a classic ballet. Asedor insisted that the dance should be a natural continuation of the human movement, reflect the emotions and character of the perpetrator. The impulse for dancing must be the language of the soul. It was in the free dance, especially in its group performance, that it considered it, that all the beauty of women ' s nature and the gravity of movements could be revealed.

In modern form, aesthetic gymnastics appeared in the middle of the twentieth century in the Nordic countries. For the first time, this type of sport was held in 1950 in Helsinki, but the first World Championship was held only in 2000. In 2003, the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (IFAGGG), composed of national federations from over 20 countries in the world, including Austria, Canada, Finland, Japan, Spain, Spain and other countries, was formed. The International Federation is currently hosting world champions, the World Cups, international tournaments, and various competitions for young people and children.

Aesthetic gymnastics are often compared to artistic. Indeed, these two types of gymnastics have the same origins, but artistic gymnastics has been removed from their original purpose. A girl of 20 years can no longer fulfil what a girl does at 12 years. Aesthetic gymnastics does not require exclusive data, so girls and women of all ages may be involved in this type of sport. It's enough to have choreography training, artistic skills, musical hearing and partner feeling. The key here is to show character, thought, beauty, feelings.

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