Танцы: SLAVA и Елизавета

Jiv Sports Bats

Music size: 4/4.
Time: 42-44 bpm.

Dance Jave is an international version of the Sun dance. Jaiv is now twofold, International and Swing.

sports dances very often, both DJI styles are combined in different figures. Dances like Rock'n'Rall and Jatherbag had a major impact on Jave. Jave is sometimes called the Sixhag Rock'n'Rall. On video: Jave's dance at a sports dance for children, Child 2 group.

Jave is a very fast, energy-consuming dance. This vibrant dance at sports ball dances is always the last dance to show the dancers that they don't get tired and do it with a big hand.

Jave is usually the favorite dance with the kids. It's in this dance that they can show all their energy and joy.

Фото танец Джайв Латиноамериканская программа Латина

In the photo: Fourthfinals of the World Championate for the Latin American Amateur Program, Armen Tsaturian and Svetlana Gudino, Russia

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