Школа спортивных танцев в

School Of Sports

Comprehensive music and general education; class class piano, key and hard tools; choir; foreign language training.
Mercy Per., d. 11
Pn. - SB. 9 - 21 Children with seven years of age are accepted. Spiritual and impact training.
Address: Triangular Valley, d. 2/4, building 1
General public school and music school. Preparing for school from age 5. Training for games on key, spiritual and pulp instruments.
Ability to receive foreign students.
Personal rehearsal class.
Address: Small Kislovsk Alloy, page 4
Cultural and recreation center. Glee, dance school, sports, phithening.
Address: Ul. Crimean Holmes, D. 49
Become in preparatory class from five years, first class, seven years. Fortepiano, string and people's instruments, jazz division, choir and individual vocal exercises.
Address: Chapayev Per, d. 5A
Pn. - SB. 9 - 21 Enrol in preparatory class from six years, first class from seven years. Nice, string and spiritual tools, choir. Ul. Large Philevsky, d. 29 Othis: 142-1930 Director: 142-2324 Fax: 142-0874 Pn. - Sb. 9 - 21 Music and general education, reception of children from five years. All key, string and spiritual instruments (except the Bayan and guitars), Glee Club.
Ul. Knowledge, d. 12
Daily from 9 to 21 Training for games on all musical instruments. Children are accepted from five years.
Address: Ul. Blood, d. 39, p.3
Pn. - SB. 9 - 21 Children with seven years of age are accepted. Claus and strings, Glee Club, Aesthetic Child Development Center 4-6 years.
Address: Ul 1905, d. 8
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