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Main Types Of Dance In The Ballet

  1. Educational: Actualize students ' knowledge of the Ballet on acquaintance of theoretical, musical, artistic material; reveal the features of the ballet of a novelty era; introduce the names of outstanding artists in the field of ballet art.
  2. Developing: developing interest in the subject, characterizing and developing musical images, finding parallels in music, literature, art.
  3. Auxiliary: to raise emotional sensitivity to the perception of classic music, to develop interest in the history of the ballet genre.

Equipment: multimedia projector, G.P. Sergeyev ' s textbook, E.D. Critical " Music " for Class 7, background to the textbook.

Lesson plan:

  1. Organizational moment.
  2. Study of new material.
  3. Filling up new material.
  4. Homework.


2. Lecturer: The subject of our musical theatre lesson today. Ballet (File 1).

In 5, 6, in music class, you met the art of ballet. Let us repeat the characteristics of the ballet genre, identify the arts that are merged in the ballet spectacle, known ballets and composers, as well as the creative professions involved in the creation of a ballet show (children answer questions, work with the Music 7th grade, p. 26-27). I suggest you play the game of "Get the Melody." Having listened to the proposed musical fragments, you will call a scene work, a composer, a musical (base) number, which type of dance includes this fragment (there are fragments of A. Brodin Xia Igor, dances (polonez, Mazurka, Krakowjak) from the Polysane Ginka act). Determine the need to introduce ballet numbers into the opera spectacle (base numbers emphasize the particularity of national colorite, dance image, historical validity, and contribute to the development of the drama of the opera).

Ballet (French Ballet is a dance) is a kind of musical and theatre art that is expressed in choreography. It's a synthetic form of art that includes drama, music, choreography, art. These arts do not exist on their own, they are subordinate to choreography. Ballet is the highest form of choreography (File 2).

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