Херсона, Никополя, Киева

Battle Dances Of Nicopol

Andrei Dicky.

Since his childhood, his life has been associated with dances. Championships, competitions, participation in various competitions all helped him to become what he was today.
Participation in the " Star dance " project

1985-1992: Ensamble of Fantasia's wedding dance.

2000-2004 - Juris Club.

2004 - 2010 was self-employed.

Established its club in 2001 Sports dance " Orion " , where he is the leader until now.

As a kid, Andrei had a lot of tours and victory:

  • 2007 - European Championist - 2007, Latin American Show (Luxembourg), World Championate - 2007, Latin American Show (Netherlands), Award of many English tournaments - UK. Internecional, Blakcpool in the Professional category.
  • 2010 is the Ukrainian champion, the profile is the Latin American show.

Charming. Lily Rebrick Of those girls who are said to be: Sportsman, smart girl, activist and beautiful!

There was a star born of the projects "Tancing Everything!" and the “Incredible Histories of Love” in Chernovs on 8 May 1981.

I haven't been sitting in one place since I was a kid, so I've been doing art gymnastics since five years. During the eleven-year sports career, the sport master has achieved considerable results.

Lila graduated a musical school in the piano class with distinction.

The moderator is French, English, Polish, Romanian.

Lilya's graduated with the Kyiv Institute of Carpenco-Carhogo Actoral Arts.

In 2008, the following films were screened in which Lily was filmed: " Arrphia for the Favorite " , " Coffee Guest " , " Man for life or... for marriage unprocessed " , " Rouge people " , " Sadower " and " Black dress " . More than 21 cinemas with a gifted actress have already been screened.

Spectacles played by Lily Rebrik in the Young Academic Theatre: Sonia in Uncle Vanya, Doshu Elyzaveta in Marie Stewart, Colombo in The Blue of the Jolomba, Jean-Anuy, Susan in Empty trash, T. Ivako. In the acting career, stars have cinemas in films such as " Adult Daltonics " (Bahtiyarov, " Metamorphoses " (Red Dolopole), " Devil from Orli " (Res. Bairaq), " Favorites for Favor " , " Coffs " Men for Life " , "

Lily serials: " Two sides of one Anne " , " Young people " , " Guardian " , " Coffee and inspector " and " Not Angels "

In August, Lila Rebrik and his husband, Andrei Dickim, are opening the Andrey Dick and Lily Rebrick Sports Club!

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