классический танец, фитнес

Sports For Children Section

Mix of modern dance styles. Just the most relevant modern dance for children!

If you're looking for your child's greatest self-expression through a dance, you want him to feel the music all over his soul, and the body can express your senses, you'll have to pay attention to the jazz-modern dance!

A very popular choreography worldwide. Employment creates basic physical qualities -- strength, speed, flexibility, especially at school age. This will allow a child to change his movements, to feel the plastic of his body, to learn to coordinate his movements.

Acrobatic rock-n-roll combines a force load with gravity and ease of movement. Helps boys get physical, and girls get flexibility and beauty.

The programme promotes full physical development. Upbringing of physical qualities - traps, speeds, yields, equilibrium development, coordination of movements.

Children ' s education in the karate section raises the will and perseverance in achieving the goal, discipline, enabling the child to grow healthy, strong, confident. Carathe develops reaction, obsolescence, cognitiveness, attention.

The training is based on the UNIBOS system, which is based on the techniques used for special training. Group training for children 5-12 years.

Traditional noise: Taji-Tuan will help the child to improve the overall level of physical training, to become more subtle, flexible and dried.

Upbringing of a physically developed person with a high level of moral and moral development and a desire for a healthy lifestyle.

Adult Hatha-yoga. Hatha-yoga aims to teach a person to reconcile positive and regressive energy in harmony, to find a point of internal balance to be awake and resilient, and at the same time to be compassive and calm without apathy and lazy.

The callanectic program is a set of exercises for women that helps adjust the figure and strengthen all muscle groups.

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