Мужские укладки для бальных

Sports Dances For Men

Health and physical development of the girl

Because girls are more likely to be raised by mothers, they regret girls, and that's a major mistake. Smart moms are not afraid to bury girls like boys, that is, since childhood, minimum clothing, more movements and ice water plunging (option-in shower). Don't be afraid, the girls are the ones who are raised in the heat and "whatever happened." Cold-water bonds give a rock and a great shard, but if it's a long-haired conflict with hair and even with hair, find compromises.

A live and bearded girl with a string and sports figure has more chances and a great family, and life success, so sport is necessarily. Sport is desirable to choose the one associated with fresh air and propulsion - running, cycling, rolling, winter - figure skating and skiing. Importantly, in any sport, a girl needs three other things, namely: (a) flexibility, (b) overall coordination of movements (both hands) and (c) gravity, beauty and melting of movements. That's why we're swinging the press and doing the seating, and the tournament is being replaced by squeezing.

Functioning is very healthy, but girls are trained in men 's shoulders that are not entirely feminine. For the same reason, artistic gymnastics are more useful than gymnasium. Tennis is useful, big and small, good, and yoga, and phithnes, with more team sports for boys, more useful for girls than individual and couple dances. Once again, the most important and absolutely binding sport for any girl is dance. Dancing, dancing, dancing! People ' s dances can also be started, all modern, but sooner or later, the experience of couples dances, at least Hustle (the most simple and affordable) and salsa (a little richer). In a couple dance, the fear of a partner's body disappears, dances can be close and hand-hold, which is difficult for teenagers. If Hustle is a minimum program, dances and sports The dance is the princess world.

By selecting a specific sports section or dance studio, it is usually more important to draw attention not to the particular type of sport and not to the variety of dances, but to what people are and what the style of communication is, especially the culture of the coach. Qualitative, worthy coach doesn't learn so much sport or dance, he teaches people and lives. If you found such a coach, you can be calm. At different ages, however, girls need to pick different coaches. ♪

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