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Types Of Dow Communication Dances

Knyazev Y. N., Gaus T. V. The use of information and communication technologies in the professional activities of a music leader under the conditions of the DPU [Text] / Pedagogic: traditions and innovations: materials III Internar. Science Cone (Ms. Chelabinsk, April 2013). - Chelabinsk: Two composors, 2013. . C. 52-54.

The modern world is constantly changing and our children are changing. Today, there is no doubt that today ' s children are very different not only from those described in their essays by Y. A. Komanski and V. A. Sukholinski, but also from their peers over the past decades. And not because the nature of the child itself has changed, life, the expectations of adults and children, family education models, pedagogical requirements have changed. kindergarten

We believe that modern education will be productive only if its content is based on the needs of modern children, and the process of education and education is tailored to their specific characteristics, capacities and capacities. To this end, teachers must be modern in their careers to develop and use innovative education and learning technologies based on the specific characteristics of modern children. Create conditions in which a child learns to cooperate with other children in a variety of learning tasks, to take a learning initiative, to satisfy his or her own curiosity, to develop imagination and creativity. In other words, it would satisfy its need for self-realization, its deedful nature.

And only then will we be able to raise an emotionally sensitive, physically developed, active, loving and common child in accordance with federal state requirements established by modern pre-school education.

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