Прическа для занятия танцами

For Sports Dances

Anyone who wishes to take part in the training. Upon completion, participants are given a certificate of apprenticeship for sports dances.

They're run by leading stylists of image studios.


Day one. Used tools, materials and devices, hygiene. Right hand setting. The bases of smooth laying in the low tail. Siluet's hairy and correlation with hair.

Day two. Low hair. Low-bag formation by volume. Broad-wave technology. Technicians on the cliff and the bad. The correct design of the elements, in a prudent manner, taking into account the characteristics of the appearance. Steady jewelry.

Day 3. High hair. The bases of smooth laying to the tall tail. Element technicians. Elements of skies. Connection in a uniform form of different elements. The varieties of high beacons.

Day four. Asymmetrical, asymmetrical (the knowledge gained from the first three lessons is applied). Buckle hair, buckle. At the end of the class, an examination is conducted.

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