Бальные танцы

Sports Dances Of Women

071020151022The Forsage 3S dance school announces the recruitment of children from 5 years into a sports dance!

Sports dances are coupled dances; a couple are girls and boys. Since 1997, sports dances have been an Olympic sport, but have not yet been included in the competition programme. This is almost the only sport where men and women (boys and girls) compete on an equal footing. The white dances are divided into European and Latin American programmes, which include five dances. The European programme consists of: slow waltz, tango, Vienna waltz, foxtrot, quaicstep. In Latin America: Samba, Cha-cha, Rumba, Pasudul, Jaive.

What qualities will your child acquire?

  • Physical force
  • Flexibility and coordination
  • Music
  • Exclusion
  • Gracia and style
  • The important quality for athletes is Disciplin! In addition, during the course;
  • The child is fully contacted in a mixed group;
  • Work, collection, attention;
  • The nature of autonomy, responsibility, memory, logic and intelligence is evolving, which has a positive impact on school learning;
  • The permeation is gradually adjusted;
  • Children receive excellent sports training (the workload is equal to that of the sports section), a beautiful figure, health;
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