взаимоотношений с детьми

Schools Of Sports Dances For Children In The Suje

dd111Address: 1,55900, Ivanovsky Region, Shuya, Ul. 1-School, d. 1
e-mail: shuya_ddsh@gov37.
? Web site address:
? Director - Cotlars Roman Nikolaevich
? Deputy Director of Education and Education - Rigin Olga Alexandrovna
? Deputy Director of Education and Methodology - Spiridon Yulia Anatolevna

The Shui Children ' s School is opened in 1961 and is designed for residence 56 children

? The main objectives are:
:: Creating an enabling environment that is as close as possible to the home, which promotes the mental, physical and spiritual development of the child ' s personality;
:: To protect and promote the health of caregivers;
:: Training and education of children and their educational programmes;
:: Social rehabilitation and adaptation of children;
:: Protection of the rights and interests of the caregivers.
? Children aged 7 to 18 are admitted to the institution:
- Children taken from parents by court;
Children whose parents are deprived of parental rights have been convicted, found to be incapable of working, are in long-term care and children whose parents are not located;
Children of single mothers (parents), unemployed, refugees, internally displaced persons and children from families affected by natural disasters and without permanent residence (temporary, up to one year).

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