Ансамбль Экспресс - хороводы

Sporting Dance Senior

- Michael Vasiljevic, how many children will attend the Impuls Sports Palace in the early school year, how many sections will work?

♪ To date, we have a total of 1,218 children. These include 247 newcomers, plus about 1,000 of them last year. 15 sections will work. We're developing virtually all the sporting directions.

♪ Open door days are over, what about the county and section records?

♪ The tape continues until 15 September. It is on this day that we will begin a new season with a big sports holiday, "Oh, sport, you are the world." Our children will show all the skills and skills gained in previous years. The children ' s and young sports school No. 2, the gymnasium gymnasium, the art gymnasium at the Gorizont and the children from the children ' s garden No. 9, Russian.

The Impuls Sports Section continues until 15 September

♪ Are there any new directions open?

♪ It's a big tennis, tchakwondo and Sports dances♪ We're opening the Pro-dance dance and sports club waiting for children and adults. We'll also have a large tennis branch, and we'll have two teams, coach Maxim Aleksandrovich Swedov. In addition, it is planned to provide time for all applicants. And the third, the Tchakwondo Regional Federation, is developing the issue of the opening of the Thakwondo Regional School on the Impuls basis.

♪ Tell me about the playground this year outside your institution, how popular is it?

♪ We opened this site on the city's Day, and it's been a success all summer. All interested came. We focused on young children from one to ten years. At the parents ' request, they left sand, although they had originally wanted to make modern coatings. But kids like to play sand, go sand. We'll get a new spring.

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