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Sports Chocolate Dance

Будем признательны, если Вы скажете администратору, что нашли Pole dance studio "Шоколад" на сайте Спортивные клубы Украины.

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Pole dance! Your body changes in front of your eyes. And interesting tricks and fascinating combinations of exercises make training interesting and effective.

You'll never miss PoleDance. You're gonna audit yourself and your body's capabilities. You can do "for yourself," as well as all those who wish to be able to speak, participate in the competition.

The experienced coaches will find a way for everyone. For each client, a separate curriculum is being developed that takes into account all your characteristics and wishes.
Come! You'll like it!

We have directions:

  • Exotic POLE DANCE
  • STRIP DANCE (stripplastic)

If you found an inaccuracy in the club's description or you want to share pictures of the club, send them to the address.

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