Types Of Georgian Dances

The most famous monument of the old man who cherishes over the city. No one knows the exact date of the base of the fortress, but it was already in the fourth century.

We can get to the fort on the canal road. There's a panoramic view of Tbilisi and the underground has a fabulous Tbilisi botanical garden. Romantics like to meet sunset and dawn.

Sputnik / Alexander Imedashvili

Narikal and old houses in Tbilisi historical centre

Go to historical grey baths.

Abanotubani, the most eastern corner of Tbilisi. There are gray baths in Persian style. It was betrayed that hot whole water from these sources was the capital of Georgia.

The oldest bath is the Iraqi, known at least since the sixteenth century.

"I never met in Russia or Turkey with any luxury typhlis baths," "I wrote Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.

It's not just the city's decoration, they're working, but if it's lucky, you can meet the real "mekis" - the East Terror and the massage. The people who came in their hands tell me they've been younger for years.

Sputnik/ Levan Avlabreli

Abanotubani District in Tbilisi.

Try the kitchen.

The Georgian kitchen is considered one of the best in the world. Only cheese there are more than 250 species. The variety of meat and vegetable dishes, all possible sauce and spices will not leave an indifferent even the most tempered gourman. Hachapuri, Hinkali, Chakapuli, sativi, tkemali, are offering Georgian kitchen prescriptions with photos and videos.

The tradition of making wine in Georgia is eight thousand years, and it has a special place in Georgian culture. If you haven't tried the real Georgian wine, you haven't been to Georgia.

Bachelors with nuts and swimming in restaurants

To visit one of the largest churches in the world.

The main and largest temple of Georgia is the Holy Trinity Cafedral, located in the historic Avlabari region. The temple built in 2004 became a symbol of new Georgia. The height of the temple is 101 metres, the total area is over 5,000 square metres.

The sight of the old Tbilisi and the temple of the Holy Trinity of Sameba at night

Cross the bridge of the world

Glass Pedestrian Bridge of the World is in the heart of the old city. An overhaul of 156 metres long has been designed by the Italian architect Michel de Lucci together with the French lighter Philip Martino. The towns couldn't get used to modern construction, the bridge even got a grudged name, but gradually survived and became a place where the lovers set each other first dates.

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