Танцевальный турнир «Витебская

Vitebian Federation Of Sports

In the Regional Centre, there was a XXII competition for the Viteba Snow-2017 sports bars, which has traditionally been organized by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, the Polysex, the Vitabsk Cultural Centre, the Regional Federation of Sports and the Club sports dance Fast.

During the solemn opening, the President of the Regional Council of Deputies, Vladimir Terentiev, wished the participants in the light park and stressed that the Vitebsk Snowflake was the oldest dance festival in Belarus, through which thousands of bald couples had passed.

This year, without a small 500 duoes of 22 countries, all seven age groups (from children to senoras) competed on European, Latin American and combined programmes. For the first time, representatives of the Philippines and Switzerland came to Vitebsk. Conservative European and incendiary, sanding paints of the Latin American program changed each other. The simulated kingdom, the dance of love and passion, the rumba, the Argentine tango, the classic slow waltz, the supersonic jives, the gloss and the grape, the viewers who had completed the Vitebsk concert hall before refusing to do so, were delighted. The public actively supported the contestants - the ovations, the flashes of the cameras never stopped for a minute.

A unique atmosphere, a combination of competitive spirit and aesthetic mature, a festival card. The Vitebian snowflake has long ceased to be considered only a competition for dance couples, and it's also a bright festival with an exclusive program, which allows professionals and amateurs to argue - sport is or a form of art?

♪ As in the past, we have been able to gather a qualified judicial panel, which has served as a guarantor of objectivity in the evaluation of speeches. By the way, our competition is one of the WDSF competitions (World Dance Sport Federation), because the results of the couples in the categories of the younger and the " mature " go down to their world rating, the author and the chairman of the Natalia Tovstasev competition. - The successes of the young Vitebian dancers and coaches were welcomed, as this is the guarantor of a bright future dance sport in the regional centre.

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