для бальных танцев ЛАТИНА

Sport Balls Dances Of Latin

Training and concert clothes for bald dances, boy p.122-134.

1. Tsarevich with a collar under the tie. The legs are hidden.
Size 122-128. Good condition
Hands with mange - 46/37, 5, length - 55, width - 39.
200 Hrv.

2. Hand, about to p.134. The shita is on order, the tissue is tight, it's tight. The condition is for training, speeches (not ratings), on the back of the bubble tracks (numbered), the tissue is a little tight, but in general, it's quite good.
75 Hrv.
3. Bricks, orders, good tissue, but down there are subways... You can practice, you can stitch the length, and you'll be for the competition, if you're coming from the PPS. My son is medium/sized. The picture is higher.
POB - 38, POT - 30, Dlina without belt - 80. Step 63
75 Hrv.
4. I'll give you a gift.
Long - 84. Shago - 60.

And there's a shirt on a string boy 134-140.

5. ELEGANT shoes, Latina.
The state is good. The size of 21, 0, but full, can be almost 22. I'll add the photo.

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