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Results Of Sports Competitions

Alexei's thunder is Natalia's Bowl: Polk Cup is 1st. Category H3, vapour;
Shcherbakova Anne: Cup of Cha-cha-ca-1, Cup of Polka - 1st, Super Bowl - 1st, Cup of Wals - 1st. Category H3, Solo;
Mogalkov Denis - Blochinov Veronica - Slow Valsu Cup - 1 seat, Java Cup - 1 seat, Super Bowl - 1 seat. Category H4, vapour;
Ulyanova Maria: Jaiva Cup, 1st, Super Bowl, 1st. Category H4, solo;
Gromov Nikolai - Delivery Julius: The Vals Cup is the first place. H5, vapour;
Lisa's family, the Wales Cup is 1st, the Samba Cup is 1st, Super Cup is 1st. Category H5, solo;
Mathway Temples - Martirosyan Sofia - Samba Cup - 1st, Super Bowl - 1st. Category H6, couples.

Herasimova Anastasia: The Double of Wales is 1st, the Cup of Cha-cha-cha is 1st. Category H3, Solo;
Kim Pavel - Larion Alice - Cup of Cha-cha - 1st. Category H3, vapour;
Beldin Diane: Super Bowl - 1 H3, Solo
Vasilieva Albina: Jaiva Cup, 1st, Super Bowl, 1st. Category H5, solo;
Chibul Nikita-Sangajiev Elina: Cup of Cha-cha-Ca-Ca-Ca-Caa, Cup of Jaivu, 1st, Super Bowl, 1st. H5, vapour;
Draguin Vladimir - Tolmacheva Sofia: Valsu Cup - 1 H-5, vapour;
Olexia Cup - 1 H6, solo
Glebova Anne: Cup of Cha-cha--- 1 seat in category H5, solo.
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