Состоялся турнир по спортивным

Tournament On Sports Bars

The International Tournament for Sports Balls, The Dowmont-17, was held in Pscowe. The Pskov Information Agency was reported to the municipal press office.

Some 2,000 dancers and guests from Pskov province, the Great Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Moscow province, Lower Novgorod, Estonia, the Republic of Belarus participated in the competition. A dance and sports club for the city of Pskova was organized.

Participants in the competition were welcomed by the President of the Leningrad Town Sports Federation, Judge Vladimir Karpunin International. He expressed the hope that " the turnier would gain momentum every year, and the pskovic athletes would gradually grow in dance technology."

The head of the city of Pskov Ivan Ceserski noted that every athlete deserves recognition, applause and admiration. It also confirmed the municipality 's willingness to support the organization of the tournament. The Leg Parker wished the participants the head of the Trumf dance club, Olga Gulace.

The athletes, as well as the winners and finalists of the Russian and international competitions between the ages of 3 and 25, presented their skills in the European and Latin American programme. The city's head observed all the couples' performances.

The competitions winner identifieds in 26 categories. The Bubs of the Head of the city of Pscova for the performances were made by sportsmen from St. Petersburg.

We note that the tournament of the Dowmont Cup is taking place within the framework of the fourth year of the Russian Union of dance sport. They're assessing the performance of athletes in the international class.

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