Sports Waltz

Walls is the most famous, beautiful, romantic dancer. In addition to the acquisition of grace, generosity and beautiful sanctuary, the dancers of the Walls will be able to use their skills in any setting, the dance is universal and simple. The waltz is always fit, and at the ball, and any other celebration, like wedding, birthday, anniversary.

Walls is a common name for all 3/4 dances. All known " al-two-three, one-two-three... " is the most common figure in Wales, a two-track turnover with three steps in each.

Walls is taking their lead in the old people's dances of Austria and South Germany. The title derives from the German word walzen - rotate, circumvent.

The first reference to the waltz relates to approximately 1770. First, this dance has caused strong dislikes and morals and dancers. For some time, the waltz has existed within the framework of counter-addances, namely the English country dances, but soon became independent, slipped into the light, and then settled in the first place among the bald dances popular in Europe.

Today there are many Vals varieties, such as the Vienna Walls, the Argentine Vales, but the classic slow waltz still remains the principal of dancesa symbol of romanticity and treachery.


Pig (swing) soft, smooth, round, pendulum.


sensitive, romantic, sad, literary.


Acquaintance, love, tenderness, sadness.


warm, soft.

Music size


Tucks a minute



1 hit.

Up and down

Starting up at the end of 1, continuing to rise at 2 and 3 down at the end of 3.

Walls is a romantic and young dance, a little over 200 years old, but he's already won the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. His exact origin remains a mystery. The main version of his homeland counts Germany and Austria. The experts are inclined to believe that it was based on a popular, once-in-a-kind dance among German farmers, a Landler with all the elements of the future waltz.

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