спортивно-бальным танцам

Balls In Sports Bars

§ 1. The stage of the competition. Number of participants at each stage. Advances

1. The competition phases include: preliminary tours, semifinal and final.

2. Advanced tours and semifinals serve to select the strongest participants in each individual dance. The number of couples selected by the arbitrators for the next round shall be determined by the Chief Justice, usually not more than 2/3, but not less than 1/2 pairs participating in the tour.

3. It is recommended that no more than 12 couples be removed to the semifinal, 6 pairs are recommended to be removed. The increase in the number of vapours is possible only in the case of equality of sums for several couples in the preliminary phase, but should be not more than 16 pairs in the semifinal and 8 pairs in the final.

4. In the preliminary rounds, participants are equally distributed bypass. The allowable number of couples in the entrance depends on the size of the dance site and is determined at a minimum of 16-20 square metres per pair depending on the age and class of participants.

5. The semifinal may be carried out in two entrances, halffinal may be allowed in one entrance, but the number of couples on the site shall be in accordance with the standards of memorial and length of the tournament melody.

6. An optimum option for a professional sporting approach is to conduct each pre-stage tournament in permanent ventures with a view to equalizing the functional and psychological conditions of competition. The steaming of the plots should be carried out on the basis of TC membership, regions and forces (in the first round of the rating, in each subsequent tour following the previous round: 1st place from 2nd, 3rd from 4th, etc.).

§ 2. Music escort

1. In all competitions, music must be consistent with the nature and style of dances (e.g. Latin American dances should not use disco music).

2. The pace of musical works used on tournaments should be in accordance with international standards:

- Slow waltz28-30 tt/min.84-90 impact/min.
♪ Tango31-33 tt/min.124-132 impact/min.
♪ Vienna waltz58-60 tt/min.174-180 impact/min.
- Slow foxtrot112-120 impact/min.
♪ Quicstep48-50 tt/min.192-200 impact/min.
- Cha-cha-cha-30-32 tt/min.120-128 impact/min.
- Samba50-52 tt/min.100-104 impact/min.
♪ Rumba25-27 tt/min.100-108 impact/min.
- Pasodoba60-62 tt/min.120-124 impact/min.
- Jaive.42-44 tt/min.168-176 impact/min.
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