Занятия для начинающих

Cms On Sports Bars

Pedagogical, jazz-extradite dance, mid- and high-sized club. Ballmaster-pedago, rehearser. There is higher vocational education. 25 years old.

Mikhailova I.N.

Coach Aurora, Latin American middle and junior group program. There is a higher education, 14 years of service.

Popov A.A.

Popov Andrei Anatolyevich. Latin American and European programme coach. Higher education. Experience with children and adults 15 years old. A third-grade judge.

Martjanova N.V.

Graduated the Leningrad choreography school A.J. Vaganova. The ballet artist at the Rome-Korsakow theatre. The pedagogical activity is 32 years old.

Bkovsky G.

Coach Aurora's TSC. Specialised at work in younger age groups. A tutor for bald dances, a yoga instructor, a wedding dancer. There's a higher coaching school. Coaching for 28 years.

Lukjanova K.V.

Coach Aurora's TSC. There's a higher coaching school. Multiple St Petersburg Championship, semi-finalist of the Russian Championship on the Latin American Programme in the Youth category. Multiple victor and finalist of all Russian and international WDSF competitions. Candidate at the Sport Master of Sports for sports bars on the park. Coaching for five years.


Coach-Assistant Aurora TSC. An active athlete at the top dance class. Russian RTA Championship of 10 dances, multiple conquering and finalist of all Russian and international WDSF and WDC, Sport Master sports dances at the park. Coaching for six years.

Shinelev A.N.

Coach-Assistant Aurora TSC. An active sportsman of the top class of dance skills, multiple prizes and finalists of all Russian and international WDSF competitions, Sport Master of Sports for Sporting Balls on the Parket. Coaching for six years.

Fissenko A.A.

Coach-Assistant Aurora TSC. An active athlete. The Russian RTA Championship Award for 10 dances, multiple prizes and finalists of all Russian and international WDSF and WDC competitions. Coaching for six years.

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