спортивных бальных танцев

The Book On Sports Bars

The Zabaikal province ' s Federation of Dance has opened a subscription to a book on dance sports in the region, which collects information from the Soviet Union until our days, has been informed by IA Chita.Ru on 31 December by federation.

" Launched into the press a book on the Zabaikal province dance sport. This is an information and analysis publication containing not only the history of sports dance, but also the achievements and features of dance clubs, leaders, coaches and athletes. These are feedback on the impact of dance sport on the shape and fate of the pupils. Cost of one printed copy of a book on 900 roubles. The book will cost more. The signature will extend until 20 January, " has been reported to the federations.

The book is saturated by photographs of athletes of different years and their parents, and the base of the winners of the Roman tournaments has been collected.

" This is one of the first attempts to reflect on the lessons learned from the regional experience, to remember the people who have dedicated themselves to blasphemy, Sports danceto re-establish the history of the victory of several generations of young Zakal athletes, to reflect the development of a young but popular sport, have been explained to the federations.

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