Бальные танцы на свадьбу

Types Of Bald Dance Names

There are many dances. You and I can take any criterion and create a certain classification of dances.

Now you recognize the most famous dance species:
1. Classical dance (base);
2. Western European dances;
3. Historical dance (the dance reflects either a historical period or a historic event);
4. Tuber dance;
5. Latin American dances (panners of the Latin American Programme of Ball Dances);
6. The dance is popular (reflecting the essence, traditions, rituals, rituals of certain peoples);
7. Dance of wedding dances
8. Dance is social (usually dances, discotheques, holidays, parties, i.e. dances, which are common in masses);
9. Dance of sports (the dances on which competitions are conducted, usually the dances);
10. Dances modern (dancing in the 20th century and beyond)

More and more different musical directions are now emerging and, as a result, more and more dances are emerging. We will now consider the main modern dances that have emerged in recent years.

Types of modern dance, list:
Street dances, they're probably the most common and famous.

Ballet has recently been divided into several types: classic, modern and romantic.
Latin dances, some of them in the programme Sports dances
and rumba, mambo and zuk, and, cumberium and corn, and, pachang and capuaira, and others.

Many dances belonging to one group of dances have very much in common, often a new direction or view of the dance has come from his predecessor. For example, modern ballet, it's a modified and modernly adapted classic ballet.

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