спортивные бальные танцы

How Sporting Bar Dances Are Assessed

In the walls of the most powerful South-Work cultural space, OI Nephthian met gallant cavalries and grace bars. All the players in the Prague Rotation Tournament, 373 dance couples, were inspired.

" Don't forget to keep your head straight " , gives the last instructions to one of the coaches. The music is on, and the kids are already in the dance. The mentor at this time, like a surgeon, casts a rhythm, disguises the palms of every movement. Slow waltz is changing fast foxtrot. Every couple spends just a few minutes on the park, and in seconds, they switch from one direction to another... Judges will be able to see everyone. The music changes, and the next one.

"I'm proud of you! My hands are burning, so much I care about you. We went to the next round. - Coach's a couple after the show.

Olga Kislicin's dance coach came from Megion, brought a couple to the tournament. He's been working with the guys for two years. Vladiku is seven years old, and Sofia is six years old, but despite their young age, they already possess a dozen dance techs.

♪ I'm always worried about my guys, the results of their performance are coach's work. Imagine you're raising them and then they show their skills... Today's a good tournament, a lot of strong couples have arrived. I'd like to celebrate the atmosphere that's on the site. You have such a rich new Art Palace, it's beautiful. We are grateful that we have been invited, with pleasure, to come again, to share the impressions of Olga Kislicin.

Someday. White dances They were considered art. But they've gradually moved to sports. As in gymnastics or water jumps, there is a need for flexibility and coordination in order to meet all the complex features on the park.

♪ I've been dancing for three years, at five, my mom brought me to the section. A lot of people think we're just getting dressed up in beautiful suits and doing our own hair. But in fact, we are working a lot on flexibility and tolerance. And you try to move fast and keep your ass... And you have to smile, and in no case show that you're tired, it's the contestant Pauline Zuev.

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