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What Kinds Of Dances Are Modern

Групповые ирландские танцы CeiliDoing solo, that's one dancer. The dance is characterized by the permanent mobility of the shell, head, hand, and leg motions are clear and fast. Dancing in soft shoes (soft) and dancing in hard shoes (hard) is a famous Irish step.
Soft shoes - soft shoes - light leather shoe, like " ballets " , but on cords. They're dancing with girls. The middle between soft and hard shoes are boots for boys: they're soft boots with heels, but without a front bench - Boys Reel Shoes.
Hard shoes are leather shoes with special socks on the sock and heel, by which sound is extracted.

Solar Irish dance technicians were recycled at the beginning of the twentieth century, and modern schools have become more complex since their inception. At present, high-level Irish salt dances are a complex mixture of Irish dance elements, ballet pas, and even pieces of figure skating.

Collectively, between 4 and 16 persons, or more, the most important is an even number of participants. It consists of traditional simple, small steps of Irish salt dances, but with many movements and alterations, hands are involved. In the case of keley dances, apart from standard Irish dance requirements, it is important that there be more interaction between dancers, synchronized performance of all elements, uniform and clear drawings of all figures.

To date, there are a small number of author ' s cables, i.e., those created by a specific teacher. But the majority of the Kailian dancers was very structured in due course and are currently being studied strictly according to schemes. In a book with a detailed description of these dances about 30.

Групповые ирландские танцы Сольные ирландские танцы
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