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Tuvis Sporting Club

On 8 April, the Youth House of St. Petersburg carried out inspections of dance artists in the nineteenth festival of self-general arts in Saint Petersburg Youth Clubs.

The jury assessed the contestants in the following nominations: " National dance " ; " Sports dance " ; " Straddling dance " ; " Modern dance " .

Young, bright, energetic and prospective participants in the competition programme have throughout the day struck the jury with their talents. Every team of viewers met and provoked turbulent ovations. Guys not only revealed their artistic potential on the stage, but they also showed fabulous scenery suits and well-designed dance numbers.

The results of the selection process were:

Nation dance nominees:
Chudesa, Raqueta PK, Ligovo PBG, Krasnosel district;
Horoška, PKK, GBB, Kalininski;
Horeographic ensemble " Solons " , PK " Al sails " , GBB " Kirovsky " ;
Gran Privail received the choreographic ensemble of Fantaser, Octubre PK, Moskovski GBU.

Sports dance nominees:
TWICS dance studio, Flay PKK, ALBA, Primor district;
Ansamble bald dance, Steel, Modern PK, Frunzen TPI;
Studio sports dance Viva Dance, Gorizont PK, Nevski PBC.
Gran Priestival in the nominating of the Sports Dance has received the Stile dance studio, the MCP Youth, the Moskovski GBU.

Estrade dance nominating laureates:
The Olympic Team, the Gorizont PKK, the GBU ' s " PKK " Connection to the Central District of Perspectiv;
Stille dance arts studio, Leni Golicov PK, Kyrovski PBG;
Fantaser choreography, Octabre PK; Moskovski GB;
Force, IPU, Hope, GBU, Admiralthei Center for Adolescents and Youth;
Impuls Studio, PKK South, Primor district.
Gran Priestival of the " Estrade Dance " , received a studio of modern Monplesira, Vampel PK, Kalininski PBB.

Modern dance nominees:
Mango, PKK Nadja, GBU Admiraltei Center for Adolescents and Youth;
The Firm team, the MIR PBG, the Selectiong region;
Stance of the Contemporary Dance, Stanzia, Lininese PK, Southie, PBG Kirovsky

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