Виды ирландских танцев

What Kinds Of Dances Can Be Listed

online танцыThe dance is a unique mini-play where you can not only tap dance skills into the solo dance, but compete with real rivals in real time for incendiary chemicals!

To get into the dance world, it's enough to press the button on the menu in the right bottom corner. Choose a solo dance if you want to practice to dance with different music and at different levels of complexity.

If you're sure about yourself and choke the dance floor for you with a couple of things, try to confront real rivals in a global dance!

Solo dancer (Training regime)

Mode Sun dance You need to choose music and the level of difficulty of dancing. When you choose music, it's possible to listen to the beginning of the track, so you won't have to think long and remember how a song sounds.

знакомство в танцеThe complexity of the dance varies:

Level 1. The simplest difficulty. Different combinations of arrows with repetitions, which you must recruit with precision and in time to secure a " gap " strike.

Level 2. Repetitive symbols appear less. The complexity is increased by 10 per cent, but the bonus is also increased by 10 per cent of the gambling points!

Level 3. The second type of difficulty is added to the reduced range. I mean, it's harder to be precise when you press "problem" at the right moment.

online танцы играLevel 4. In this type of complexity, the letters are added. What? Dance and find out. Don't forget that your real rival can be very contagious, so you can have dance skills in the solo dance, just at difficult dance levels.

Level 5. The " blind selection " is added to the above. A symbol will be displayed not immediately but only when approaching it during the set of proposed symbols.

Global dance (battle regime)

меню игры танцыEstablishment Group dance You have to choose not only the level of difficulty of dancing and the music you're gonna compete for, but also the parameters like the type of dance, the permissible number of participants, the rate, and even the password to your dance team.

There are several types of dances:

  • Dual: Just you and me.
  • Dance in group: each for himself
  • Group against Group
  • Party versus party
  • Tuber: battle for the club

For all Types of dances (except a duel and a club fight) there's a way to choose a dance floor where the competition will take place. If you create a Dwell dance, your opponent will be moved to your character. If you're making a club dance, you should be at the club you want to take.

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