Спортивно бальные танцы

Baila Is A Sports Dance

Танцевальный магазин Байла - г.ОдинцовоThe Baila dance and sports store provides clothing and footwear for sports bald dances, choreography, gymnastics / Elegant, BDDance, Grisko, Plume, Capezia, PASTORELLI, CHAKOT, Arin-Balerina, Arina-Sharm, Chersa. Availability: Latin, standard, children ' s shoes, ballets, cheeks, pals, jazz, dance shoes, people's shoes.

Also: rating dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, shirts, full range of freight supplies, training clothes, shoe accessories, hair, professional cosmetics / AEROTAN, PRO TAN, DANCE COZ, /.

Address Mr. Odintsovo, Baila Magazine: Marshal Zhukov Ul.
Hours of work 1100-19.00, SB: 11.00-16.00, E-Ray.
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