Это танцевальные бальные

Beautiful Dresses For Bald Sports Dances

Good day! Urgently, I'll sell the bills for growth 162-172, 42-44 (S, M).
The dress looks very beautiful on the park. All the dresses are stoned by Swarovski. Call or write any questions of interest. Margarita

I'll sell Latin's dress.
Growth 145-158
8,000 ru.
Torgue is appropriate
All the questions in the pen.

The lower standard is being sold! Good fortune! 40-42, growth 155-165. 15,000 cuts, a reasonable bid. Now!

It's sold to Latina's great partner! Rock and rocks from England! Perfect! 20ths. cut is possible for reasonable bidding. Now!

I'll sell very beautiful St and La Juvalas 2D dresses 150-160cm (lymon brand new) to the rose plate + handwritten and head
Body. +58 Natalia

I'll sell a very beautiful dress. dances! It'll fit for a skinny girl six to eight years. About 116 to 128 growth. Strict measurements on request.

The group's wall is empty.
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