Спортивно-бальные танцы (2)

Sports Dance 2

The GALLO-DANCE dance club at the City Palace of Culture is recruiting children (boys and girls) from 3 years of age for sports dances.

In the curriculum:
Latin American dances: Cha-cha, Samba, Jaiv, Rumba;
European dances: slow and Vienna waltz, Quicstep, tango;
- School of Ball Dance: disco, Polka, slow waltz, cha-cha, trench.
Various age groups:
- Junior group 4-6 years (baby-dance)

Baby-dance dances for the youngest four to six years. This is the first step of your child in a magical dance world. The exercise takes place in a sports and play form and is aimed at creating a child 's memory (both muscle and mental), coordination, feelings of rhythm and sanctuary. Children get used to discipline, get confidence, learn to communicate with peers. Much attention is paid to the physical training of your baby.

- medium group - 6-10 years;
- The senior group is 10 to 14.
- Hobby class 15 and over

That they give sports dances to children:
- The formation of the right shank and a beautiful walk;
- development of the child ' s support apparatus;
- the ability to win and overcome difficulties;
- plastics and development of all muscle groups;
- Cultural education in the spirit of sports traditions;
- To develop a sense of rhythm;
- shaping responsibility;
- The social adaptation of the child in the collective;
- discipline, obstinity and focus.

Our dance club, created 26 years ago, raised a great number of athletes, winners of many urban and all-Russian tournaments. sports♪ Continuous training for coaching, close cooperation with world stars and champions, coaching professionalism and stable occupations enables our children to get close to the sports park!

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