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The Relevance Of Sports Dances Now

The subject of health and education is very relevant in today ' s society, i.e. our present or future children will necessarily go to school and receive not only knowledge, but perhaps if we do not take care of it now, many diseases, ranging from short-sightedness to gestry. The situation is, in principle, clear: with each year, the health of our Chad is becoming worse and worse, although the problem of health degradation is relevant in modern research, the situation in general is not improving in Russia.

The Institute of the Russian Academy of Education ' s age physiology has carried out studies: what are the most common diseases for school age and what are their dynamics. Research was carried out in 540 schools in 29 regions of Russia. What are the results? From the first to the eleventh grade, the number of children with cardiovascular and digestive systems, visual and hearing impairments is doubled and the endocrine system is 5 times higher. The chronic disease survey revealed that the first place in the first class is cariece and in the eleventh is a violation of the propulsion system [3]. The health status of the child in Russia, from the past century to today, is a matter of great concern. Reasons for this concern are as follows [1]. First, school risk factors are surprisingly buoys, and they are difficult to cope. The problem had not arisen today, and school sickness had been reported by specialists in 1774. The health of children in Russia has never been a good one, and today the state of health of our children does not provide any grounds for complacency. Second, the school and the State took responsibility for children ' s health at the beginning of the past century, thereby devoting this responsibility to parents and society; it was the school that had to ensure healthy lifestyles. But that's not possible, that's, first of all, the problem of society. Unfortunately, there has been little change in the situation in 100 years, and there is no awareness of the value of health in our society or in our family. Therefore, school cannot and should not solve this problem alone, although much can be done. Thirdly, the established system of education in Russia, the traditional Russian education system, is a vast system of knowledge composed of a large number of sciences. A further 130 years ago, K. D. Ushinski wrote: " There is no pedagogical who would not complain for a few hours at school " . In 100 years, the teaching, technology and learning process have not been more suited to functionality. ♪ ♪

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