спортивные бальные танцы

Age Classes In Sports Dances

Dear friends!
We invite you to open up an amazing dance world.

Sports dance

Each of you, of course, has at least seen TV, a project called " Star dances " , " Spartacus Cup " , bald dance films, or used to be on tournaments as an audience or participant. When we're talking about bald dances, we're imagining elegant dance couples, divergent, burning many rocks, dresses and a remarkable look of charming ladies through long eyelashes. It all turns around, impresses and makes us want to get involved in a dance culture. And it's beautiful because you can dance at any age!

Three sports dance programmes have gradually evolved and are being held today: European, Latin American and so-called " ten " , which includes all 10 dances.

The European Programme includes: Slow Wales, Tango, Vienna Vals, Slow Foxtrot and Quixtrost (Speed Foxtrot).

The Latin American programme consists of dances: SambaCha-cha-cha, Rumba, Pasoudul and Jaive.

In order to create equal competition on the dance floor, a classroom system has been introduced in sports dances, reflecting the level of dancer training and a system of age classes that distributes dancers by age group. With the first competition, they are assigned an initial class (E) whose programme the dancers must learn. In the performance of the classification requirements on tournaments, sportsmen are assigned the following class (D) etc. Pigures in all dances are distributed by level of complexity.

The Lubrican Peace Champions are held under the auspices of IDSF and the professional under the patronage of BDF and other professional associations. English competitions, in particular the UK Open, the Blackpool congresses, continue to be the most prestigious in the world.

Our club has teams. Sports dance for students and adults (level from start-up to sports masters).

Argentine tango

The story of this dance is saturated by legends and events. He's come a long way, but this road is far from over. Having been born in Buenos Aires over a century ago, the tango harmoniously linked a local culture with the traditions of emigrants: Argentine sweetness, German waltz, Polish mazurka, Spanish habanger.

Flying around the world, through the ups and downs, it continues to grieve hearts and engage in an amazing, multifaceted world of music and dance, human feelings and relationships.

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