C класс Юниоры 2+1 финал

Sports Dances Of Young People

The bald dance arm for boys is a necessary piece of dance harbor, regardless of age and level of skill. However, since the dance sports suit directly depends on the category in which the dancer is speaking, the pattern of shirts differs in different categories and programmes. For example, in the category of Children, , boys need rating shirts (most often sewn out of biflexes, merchant or cotton), they can perform the European programme in the category " Union One." Now, starting with Union-2, the dancers are in special French shirts, which are represented by Chrisanne and Elegance firms in our store.

With regard to the Latin speech programme, men are in characteristic Latin shirts that are distinct from brominated design and have a special cream. Different shirt models are characterized by different degrees of openness of the torso. The emitting of such shirts, as secession, often uses various materials and denominations: barhut, hypur, butter, bachromium, straws, etc. Exceptions are Man's Latin shirts in the category " Union 1" Latin shirtsas specified in STSR regulations. And Tancey is proud to represent a smart collection of male ratings and Latin shirts of its own design and production for all dance categories.

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