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♪ Use of dancers ♪ dancers ♪


Researchers from Canada reported that they had undertaken several studies to prove the benefits of dancing.

It had previously been known that dancing was useful to the body, but scientists had also proved useful for the head, namely brain work.
Scientists found that different classes have different effects on brain work and his condition. Thus, dances and music contribute to its development.

The experiment was attended by some 300 people who were dancing when scientists recorded their brain activity. The results were surprised by the experts who found that the dancers had the strongest neural connections.


Mouses. It's hard to say how many muscles don't participate in the dance. My feet are mouses. Hand, yes. Spines, yes. Shee is. People are. It is important that they all follow one rhythm, melodic, intent, etc. Every kind of muscle has a brain representation.

The researchers of the Dartmouth College emphasize the fact that training in the complex sequence of movements is intensifying the brain motor system, which is responsible for the planning of traffic and the formation of an engine image - (a model of thinking that will benefit the future scholar, pedagogical, legal, and even more artist)!

Three minutes of good energy-cost dance corresponds to 800 meters. And emotions only cloud this delicate physical work.

Brain barrel. It passes pathways that provide information from all internal organs, muscles, analysers. Elementary information reinvigorates the crust and is directly related to the function of attention, memory, will and median thinking and speech. These routes are also intended for " delivery" of programmes that are sent backwards, a corollary to the executive. And there's a programme correction in the event of their malfunction. There is an optimum option that will bring it closer to normal. The wall divides both hemispheres, but also unites them.

Cora. He is the highest brain department, so he plays a major role in shaping the highest mental function. The dance image, like any other, is created and developed by a cow.

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