Спортивно бальные танцы дети-1

Sports Dance For Children 1

In 2009, the Dinamo - Novo - Vealkino sports dance was opened, and we are resuming our work as part of the Dinamo STC.
We're having classes at our club. sports for children from four years, both for starters and for dancers E, D.

The trainers of our studio are:

Micheeva Alexander Sergeyevna is a Latin American program coach. Head of office.

Vladislav Jurievich is a European program coach.

Pusravin Anton Alexandrovich-trenner of the Latin American program.

Corneev Ilya/Gukov Darya is a European program coach.

Dmitri's nail - OPP coach

Samuylova Anastasia Victorovna is a choreography.

Address of the office:
South - West
Novo District - Transdesign
6th Street New Gardens House 2-1.

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