Бального танца Весенне

Sports Dances Of The Volga

ФиестаChief - Sergei Semenovich Safranov

The Fiesta People 's ABBT has been in existence in KDC, October, since 1985.

The Collectiv participates actively in the Palace 's cultural and mass events, holiday concerts, theatre masses.

NABT members of Fiesta actively assist the manager in the organization of competitions, both urban and republican; dance festivals and holidays held at KDC, October.

Collective participants have continuously improved their dance skills by participating in inter-urban competitions for the perpetrators sportsin cities: Saratov, Astrahan, Volgograd, Voronez, Krasnodar, Rostov, etc.
And in all cities, Fiesta 's ASBT participants have become ghosts and pinelists. Membership of the “B” dance team, “A” of the international class.

In 2009-2010, Fiesta ' s ensemble became laureates of international, all Russian and regional competitions.
There are couples in the collective who have their own solo plots.

In 2010, NABT Fiesta celebrated its 25-year anniversary, which was attended by leading specialists and groups from the Central District, the Pupil YFO, a representative of more than 30 cities in Russia participated in the traditional Mer 's Mer 's Mer 's Mer 's Mer 's docket of the Volge Jubilee.
The ensemble technicians are part of the 10 best couples of Russia, multiple victors and competition laureates.
Every year, the ensemble is engulfed by athletes, a cultural division, a city district. Acquired by the FSB honorary.

It has become a good tradition to hold craftsmen every year on summer holidays with children up to school and junior school age. Special choreographic composions have been created for the prom of both school and institute evenings, together with the Sordaran NARP.
NABT Fiesta, under the leadership of S. S. Safronov, seeks new heights in its creative and professional activities and is one of the leading IBU 's " Culture and Arts Centre" , Oktyabr.

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