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On 29 October 2015, a film from the 80th anniversary of the establishment of this pre-school institution was screened at the Palace of Children ' s Creat, Abdulla Alisha.

The Palace is one of the oldest and respected institutions of supplementary education not only in the city, but also in the republic, a place combining dozens of talented children, their parents and educators.

The Palace. Camille KADYROVA, young parliamentarians ' lycée, 10th grade No. 3.

No one's booked a movie to the courtyard, no cost estimates. Galina Bogolová (she and the writer of the scenario, and the operator), Jeanne Gimadeev, Deputy Director of the Palais, took the initiative. Their personal life is closely linked to a two-storey building on one of the Kasan hills near the Pushkin street. It can be concluded that the Palace leaves human lives with such traces that they wanted to give him such an extraordinary gift. The film will appear during the anniversary party. This is a noble goal.

The purpose of the film is not only to seal current events for history, to show new archival materials, but also to expand the audience of the Palace, to attract new kids.

Galina Bogolova, who had covered two hours of his time, spent about four hours here! In order to revive the film, to make the Palace a tangible one, she visited some classes, tried to learn in a short time what had been done in each association, to feel the interest of the kids in the various areas of child creativity.

At the " Young Parliamentarians ' League " (R.Z. Hadayev and Yu.W. Terehin, the survey team was even caught up in the problem of Kidnapping today, the abduction of children. The elders examined this issue in the example of the heroes of the Snow Queen, taking part in an international court over the Kidnapper of Kai, the Snow Queen.

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