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Sports Dance Insurance

Sports are associated not only with health and physical development, but also with increased risk, as training is accompanied by a risk of injury. To protect the health and lives of professional athletes and sports amateurs, insurance companies have developed a product - sports insurance.

This section of the insurance is designed to provide medical care, transport of the victim to a medical facility, provide various kinds of research and diagnostics, and pay for medicines. Sport insurance provides for disability, death or temporary incapacity.

Dedicate several categories of sports disciplines that determine the level of risk of injury:

  • Unification, end sport and various extreme sports (mouth sports, mountain skies, surfing, rocking, etc.);
  • team sports involving participants ' contacts, as well as light athletic, cycling and casting;
  • Water disciplines, running skis, Sports dances and fisheries;
  • Intelligent activities (sheets, chess, etc.) - Sports related to minimum risk of injury.

Cost of sports insurance

Based on the category of sports discipline, the cost of the insurance policy is calculated. The higher the risk of injury and the risk of sport, the higher the tariff and the cost of insurance, respectively.

Polysium prices may also be affected by the possibility of attracting expensive equipment in the event of assistance. It may include the cost of search and rescue (scalling and frigid) or barocampers (for underwater navigation).

Depending on the degree of damage sustained, the amount of payment shall be determined:

  • At the time of death, the payment is 100 per cent of the amount of the insurance;
  • In the case of temporary incapacity, payment is made as a percentage, depending on the degree of injury suffered;
  • When disability occurs, the percentage of payment depends on her group.
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