Sports Dance List

Ansamble to a sports bald dance called "Tanese rhythms."
Column Cultural Palace

Welcome to the official page of the Collective of the Ballistics dance!
Our team works in the Municipal Budget Institution of the Column Palace.
The College was formed in 1999. Since 2003, the team has been working at the Palace of Column. "The dance rhythms" every year takes part in dozens of performances and concerts, commemorative and creative evenings, and charitable speeches in social institutions. In 2002, the team became a member of the Regional Sports Community Organization of the Soyuz Dance Sport of Moscow Region. The MTS is accredited by the Ministry of Sport, and only our dancers can complete a full school of bald dance, moving from class to classroom medals, diplomas, bowls and various awards for their performances, participate in AFICIAL competitions and receive sports skills!
Every year, our collective embraces dozens of starting dancers, gives them love to dance, creativity, culture of communication, beauty of movement. The physical reinforcement of children, the development of flexibility and the extension of muscles are an important part of our collective exercise. We're helping the boys to have a dance career: successfully passing through a bald dance school on several fronts: Latin American dances, Western European and disco dances, upgrading skills and dance levels, becoming fanatics, prizes, winners of different levels of competition. We're not only raising good athletes, but beautiful harmonious people.
Thanks to the dance rhythm team, the white dances in Column are actively developing and literally everyone has the opportunity to learn how to dance beautifully!
The leaders of the Dragun Elena Sergeyevna and Dragun Illia Aleksandrovic collective are both a dance and a couple and have a great and successful experience of competition and teaching, as well as higher education. This ensures the high results of the training of the Ball dancers in the Tangular Rhythms.

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