Танцевально-спортивный клуб

Below City Sports Association

In the 1937-1938 school year, the V. P. Chkalov Pyonkers Palace created a political and media department which organized various events with October, p pioneers and cosmos, met with interesting people and a new year ' s holiday.

Since 1947, for 20 years, the Division has been led by a distinguished educator of RSFSR, a former Circle and a veteran of Sofia Mihaylovna Haev.

Until the end of the 1990s, the division was headed by Ludmila Ivanovna Demidov and Tatiana Ilinichna Goodenkov.

As a matter of course, the Palace has been engaged since 1942. A methodological office was opened and was presided over by Alexander Borisovich Chaykewich until 1946.

In the aftermath of the war, there is a need to establish a teaching unit, which was led by Inna Mihailovna Bougrove for 30 years, a renowned educator of the RSFSR. And then for three years, the division was headed by Jeanne Gennadievna Alferova.

In 1991, the Palace Administration (Director - Hope Nikolaevna Belik) set up a centre for teaching and media. He was appointed as the leader of the RSFSR ' s National Education, a well-deserved cultural worker, Tatiana Ilinichna Goodenkov.

Since 2007, the centre has been running the Lower Novgorod Prize laureate, a member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Yurievna Paskin, which has continued all its activities.

Since 2016, the centre has been headed by Olga Vasilievna Raskatova, a high-level teacher, a creative, proactive man.

The centre of methodological and mass work consists of structural units: Post No. 1, Museum of the Familiar Museum of the Magic War, Museum of History of the Palais, Eurika Students ' Society, Library, Education and Family Laboratory, Methodology, Studio Sports dances " Union " , " Zhuravlik " , as well as two social organizations: the Association of Young Students " Edinia " and the Children ' s Public Organization " Hope " .

The CMM has established an artistic and capable collective.

Guidance and pedagogical organizers of the centre are diverse: patriotic education, coordination of the activities of residential clubs, the city science society of Eurika students, the city ' s teaching service, working with children ' s organizations and associations, the teaching self-governing bodies and senior councils, family and class leaders, the teaching of summer rest for schoolchildren and the organization of new holidays.

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