бальные танцы

His Main Types Of Dance

Slow Waltz

Walls is a unique dance that is accessible to everyone. It is carried out at both world-famous Vienna balls and conventional rural clubs or proms. Walls is a romance and a sense of dance. It's hard to name a popular composer who wouldn't write his great waltz melody, which is today danced by both adults and children.


Tango is the embodiment of diversity. Today there is a classic bald, passionate Argentine and even a little exotic Finnish direction. The general nature of all these areas is the extraordinary nature of the dance, which combines simultaneous passion and rigour with frivolity and tenderness. That is why, contrary to its technical complexity, the dance has so many fans around the world.

Vienna Walls (Viennese Waltz)

A very pleasant, light and simultaneous rapid romantic dance, most often at weddings, graduations and other celebrations. The Vienna waltz remains always popular among people of different ages.
Slow Foxtrot (Slow Fox) From its birth, the foxtrot began to develop in two main areas: fast and slow. A slow version of it is a simple and complex dance: it will be possible for almost all people to understand the basis of the dance, but only the most persistent and talented will be able to capture its nature and depth.

Quick foxtrot (Quickstep)

The word (Quickstep) literally means a quick step. Fast foxtrot is a fast and easy dance. Sometimes it seems that the dancers don't really touch the legs of the dance floor, but they're staring at it right now. The same profound character of the slow foxtrot, but it's much faster and more sensual.

2nd Latin American programme

Samba (Samba)

Samba is a unique white dance coming from Brazil. By popularizing the Brazilian population, he owes a small dance school of a dozen people who started performing it in traditional dance carnivals. Today they're acting like a competition. Ball dancesthe great festivals and carnivals and the usual dance areas.

Cha-cha-cha (Cha-cha-cha)

Indeed, an incendiary and colloquial Cuban dance of unrepetition. It's quite a funny name for the dance itself, because the sound made when touching the sex during the dance was like a "cha-cha." Anyway, the dance is very beautiful, sensual and fun.

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