Why Do I Like Sports Dances

Anatoly Omelchenko serves as Deputy Chief of the Volgograd Administration for less than a month. In the past, theater has been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing cultural, sports and youth policy. And he went for a new case with a big vomit.

Once he started his duties, Omelchenko went to the city sports school. I went to DUSS No. 22, Dreams, where the boys are doing and sports dances

It was after this visit that a scandalous petition was launched into the network, in which the parents of the balnikovs demand that a newly-educated official be removed from their post for insulting their children.

♪ In the process of communicating with teachers, the Omelchenko School has given rise to a number of harsh and offensive remarks against the school 's caregivers, calling them " same-sex creatures" , to the petitions of the mother of Elena Berdnikov.

Anatoly Omelchenko arrived on 10 November. He looked at school, and then he went to the principal's office. Except for the manager, there were also guides, accountants and parents who were making babies' suits for the next performance. And in front of everyone, he said he didn't like white dances because instead of a man in a couple of "materials with stunted ass." We didn't just opt, and the gift of the speech was lost. Deputy Director of DUSS, Irina Bogdanova♪ - We've got 230 kids, many of them get a lot of results, they're great dancers, and they're gonna hear that from the management representative... This conversation still doesn't fit in the head.

Having seen the petition of the wolfograd, Deputy Gosduma Anna Kuvacko decided to prepare a request to the Chief of the Volggrad Administration to conduct an official check: how much Anatoly Omelchenko fits the post.

"In the vengeance of the vengeance, you'll be a cop, he's a...

The vice mayor himself sees nothing criminal in his speech. And he doesn't hide that he doesn't really like bars or sports.

Анатолий Омельченко вступил в должность вице-мэра только 19 октября сего года. Фото администрации Волгограда.

Anatoly Omelchenko took office only on 19 October this year. Volgograd Administration photo.

♪ I don't like these dances, why I have to hide it, I'm confused. Alexander Omelchenko♪ - I like Argentine dances where only five moves are, but it's built on a relationship- he-he. And the partner dance, in my view, presupposes a relationship, and it is desirable that this relationship be called sex, where there is a man and a woman. And this is... provocation, not dance. Well, where did you see the Spaniards with the stunted pops? Maybe it's beautiful, but I don't like it.

♪ Maybe those words of school teachers and her pupils' parents are offended?

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