спортивного танца

Sports Dance In The Dock


Physculture and Sports, one form of active child and adult retaliation, includes diverse types of physical exercises (hymnastics, mobile and sporting games, sports exercises) that are predominant in the open air with elements of drama, choreography, singing, victors and competitions.

It's always fun, fun. Only his expectation can give the child a positive emotion, a distraction from " going " to sickness (V.L. Strakowski). Mobile games, rides, competitions, pranks, sweats, surprises saturated by the programme of any holiday, often accompanied by spontaneous spontaneous comic events, stirring laughter, surprise, admiration. This already makes the priest an indispensable means of profiling and even the treatment of various forms of health care. It's a long time ago (V.V.D.) that a good, built-in, life-sustaining good has a strong sense of purpose.

Children are given the opportunity to be active, proactive, self-reliant and creative in the preparation and conduct of sports and sporting events, which has a positive impact on the development of their abilities and personal qualities.

The most important outcome of the holiday is the joy of participation, victory, communication and joint activities. Mobile games that make up the basic content of any physical and sporting event, to a greater extent than other forms of organization of motor activities, are adequate for the child ' s needs for movement and provide for his or her harmonious physical development, the upbringinging of traps, bulldotes, coordination of movements, essential moral and friendly qualities.

The process of preparing for the holiday is a collusion of children, children and adults (pedagogues and parents) with the unity of purpose and common objectives. The position of the inflammatory, the physical education instructor, parents determines in many ways the attitude of children towards physical culture and sport. If adults lead a healthy lifestyle, they are routinely carried out with children at least simple physical exercises, slide legs on the rise, it is a " good soil on which the good entrances will come " - strong, creativity-loving children.

The analysis of scientific and methodological literature is based on the experience of the organization of physical and sports holidays with preschools, including their own, and provides basic approaches to their classification.

A number of tasks that contribute to the harmonious development of the child are comprehensively addressed during any celebration, but the main objective is to define the themes and content, methods and techniques.

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