Танец с мячами

Sports Ball Dance

On 22 February 2017, in the GBU ' s Hall, DJUTE ' s Choborg Region was held at the Santiago de Cuba d.4/2, a sports dance pedagogical event attended by 118 children from 18 pre-school education teams in the Sent Petersburg region, under the leadership of their physical education trainers.

The event was conducted and evaluated by members of the Judicial Brigade on 2 nominees: ball dance and ball dance. Young participants were encouraged by the coherence and synchronization of their dance programmes, as well as by the red dresses prepared specifically for the presentation. Judges and viewers of young caregivers met warmly and welcomingly. Throughout the physical exercise, the well-deserved bounty of applause directed to all teams has not been suppressed.

It was very difficult for members of the Judicial Brigade, headed by a well-deserved artistic gymnastics coach, Mihailova Galina Demyanovna, to judge the team because the number level was very high.

The winners and prizes of the " Ball Tunnel " : 1 seat - GBD No. 23 - Larina Y.L. leader.

2 seat - HBDOC No. 116 - Chief of Pojoga I.G.

3 seat - GBD No. 32 - Head of Gorshkov O.V.

The winners and prizes of the nominating " Ball-free dance " were:

1 seat - GBD No. 8 - Head of Kozlov L.P.

2 seat - GBD No. 139 - Ronjin N.V.

3 - GBD No. 6 - Head of the T.V. Sydelnikov.

The event took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere, all participants were awarded commemorative gifts.

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