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Charging Sports

Общегородская зарядка на стадионеUssourisk, 14 June UssurMedia. Another general public charge in the new format was held in Ussuriysk today, 14 June, at the Gorod and Locomotive stadiums. Schools and pupils of the Locomotive Soccer Club studied the basic elements of the worleading, the screaming and tried to put a common dance together. More than 150 children participated in an unusual event, reporting to the corre.

The general urban charge has been held in Ussurisk annually since 2013. In 2016, this is the second charge, and the first one was spent in the city ' s central square in honour of victory Day. The event was organized by the Office of Youth, Physical Culture and Sports of the Administration of Ussuriyska, the Union of Ussuriyska and the Primorsk Church Federation.

Comorian charge at the Gorodian stadium.
Photo: Alina Matveyev, UssurMedia

Разминка Фото: Алина Матвеева, UssurMedia♪ Last summer, every sports federation of the city spent its own special urban charge. This year, for the first time, this event was organized by the Ussuriysk Church Federation, which is actively developing in our city and is always ready to participate in urban activities, and was briefed by the Chief Specialist of the Youth, Physical Culture and Sports Administration of Ussuriyska Ekaterin Kutz.

In the morning charge, the boys from the school summer camps and the Football Club tubers were first cleared and then studied the elements of the attic: the stantas.Pyramid is a figure that raises or drops one person upstairs, a note.Cheer-chicks, cheerleaders. Coachs, as well as educators of the Union of Ussuriysk and the Primorian Tribune Federation, carried out the morning charge. After training in bands, the guys tried to put together a dance.

Mine clearance
Photo: Alina Matveyev, UssurMedia

♪ Our coaches have the first experience in the general public charge. The guys have learned their own positions of the worleeding, jumps, bets. Churchilling is a very accessible mass sport, because for children there are basic movements that are very accessible, easy to learn aza. Another "fish" that is unique to the wormhole is screaming. Today, we screamed from the universal elements of the worleading. Of course, such urban activities are necessary, children need to be involved in sports and creativity, and they need to cultivate. We conducted the first charge, and we are ready to continue to cooperate with the city ' s administration, and we have noted the President of the Ussuriysk Ekaterina Katuncza Federation.

Processing of movements in the worleading
Photo: Alina Matveyev, UssurMedia

Coach and Vice-President of Alain Orlov ' s Tribute Federation He told me that primary-level exercises had been prepared for the kids, even for newcomers, but at the same time, to be interesting.

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