Axe Capoeira , Аше Капоэйра

Rithm Sports Club

Student clubs are young dancers "E," "D," "C," "B," "A" of the classes are repeated winners of urban, regional, all-Russian and international competitions.

Children from 5 to 7. The duration of the programme is 13 years.

:: "Music-Rhythm Development" - 4-5 years,
♪ Rhythmics 6 years old
♪ Dance School 7-9 ♪
Hobby class, 10-13 years old,
Sports dance"E" class-A-Class,
♪ Ansamble - "E" Class - "A"
• "Horeography" is an auxiliary course for competitive dancers.

Enrolment takes place on a competitive basis, on a fee basis.

Teaching is based on the methods used in the leading dance schools of Russia and Western Europe. The design and development of individual composites is geared towards modern trends in bal choreography. In the course of the educational programme, students also learn about the history and theory of sports dances, and learn about the dance arts of foreign countries.

"E" - "A" classes improve their level in two programs:

  • European standard dances: Slow waltz, Tango, Vienna waltz, Quicstep, Slow Foxtrot.
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