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News on the Blue Dance

  • In anticipation of the Governor 's Bubca for Ball Dances in Chelabinsk, the Almaz Town Battle took place. Two of the strongest Chilean schools, DUSS Veronica and the Viktoria dance and sports club, reported to the meeting organizers. The opposition of the two leading sports dance schools in the professional dancers of the city has long been known. The Chelabinsk Sports Federation has about two dozen clubs and schools, but absolute leadership. ♪
  • On Wednesday, 30 March, at the second floor of the Almas Celabinian Town Battle will be held. It will be attended by educators of the two strongest sporting schools of the Southern Ural, Veronica and Victoria, to monitor the competition will be the celebrity of the world level, the five-time champion of the Latin American programme, Maxim Khoževnikov, and to report to the City Department of Culture Press Service. The meeting is held in conjunction with the Governor 's Celabin Region 's Cup. ♪
  • On Sunday, 5 April, at the Sports Palace, the Queen of Sports hosted the Governor 's Dance. His prizes have become winners of UrFo's first wedding dances and Russia's European Sequence champions. In the tournament, the dancers competed in European and Latin American programmes. More than 60 judges from Russia, Switzerland, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Moldova assessed the dancer 's stance, the participant 's rhythm of music, the diversity and quality of movements, and the scenario. ♪
  • On 4 April, an international dance sports tournament in the Governor of Chelabin province began at the Court of Sport. By 1700, 455 couples from 36 cities of Russia had participated in the tour. The results of the 14 category competitions were summarized, with South Ural being the first nine. "The diamonds of medals in the Ural Federal District in the European Youth Programme, 16-18 years old, have been reported to the tournament. - More than 40 duets from the competition... ♪
  • On Saturday, 4 April, in Chelabinsk, there will be a "Svet Rout" of the Governor of Chelabin province on dance. The audience will be able to see the most beautiful show of some of Russia 's best athletes, the end of Russia 's initials by sequencing professionals and young people, and showcases. The guests are also waiting for surprises from the organizers and the opportunity to participate in the entire Russian flash drive. ♪
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